because we're still european

Club Europ Express is a project dedicated to creating a European community in our home town of Brighton, England, and making connections with like-minded people across Europe. We started it because Brexit divides people from each other, and we want to do what we can to bring people together.

Why do we do Club Europ Express?

Because we want to create a local European community.

Because Brexit is dividing people, and we want to bring people together.

Because we are resisting Brexit by bringing people together.

Because we want to reach out and make connections with people like us across Europe.

Because we are for Europe, and being for Europe is more than just being against Brexit.

Because we want Europe to be open and inclusive.

Because if Europe is to be open and inclusive, it needs to be a Europe of communities like the one we’re creating.

Because we want to enjoy conversation, music, culture and each other’s company.

Because we want a convivial Europe.

Because we’re still European, and always will be.

  • Where do we do Club Europ Express?

We hold our club nights at the Rose Hill music and arts venue. Formerly the Rose Hill Tavern, it combines adventurous, eclectic and surprising events with an atmosphere that's as warm and welcoming as local pubs are supposed to be.

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